Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Nicolas Sarkozy [4]

Sarkozy is a dwarf monghumping cunt of the first order.

His head is so far up Merkels arse he can see the Lib Dems!

Fucking frog wankstain

Nominated by Ollie Burtons Grandad

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  1. How the fuck can Cameron be cunted off 11 times and that slimy arsewipe slag Sarkozy be venerated only 4 times,I intend personally to redress this insane balance while you fucking lot miss the bleeding obvious point of this board ,which is to slag off Johnny Fuckin Foreigner not our own glorious leader. Last night the frog midget had another pop at the UK whilst announcing a hike in the French VATrate ..what the fuck as our industry got to do with the garlicky goulashy little snot?If there was a cunt contest he'd come fucking second ,that's how much of Berkeley fucking Hunt he is.Right only another 7 posts unless one of you lazy missing the point tossers wants to put it right.
    Rule fucking Brittania!