Friday, 9 December 2011

The Welsh

The Welsh are all cunts. The fucking lot of them. They sell you a cottage, take your money to renovate it, then burn it down and charge you to rebuild it.

And when you criticise them, they winge on and on and on, taking no fucking notice of what you are saying and accuse you of being a bigot. The bastards hate everyone but themselves.

And have you noticed that when you go into a welsh pub, they all stop talking English and revert to Welsh! Fucking ignorant cunts!

No wonder a sheep tied to a lamp post passes for a leisure centre in Cardiff. Inbred, ignorant, xenophobic, self-opinionated cunts the lot of them!

And the cunts can't sing either.

Nominated by English Bigot


  1. ...or apparently play Rugby?

  2. Who fucking cares about Wales.
    A non people in a non country.
    Obviously total cunts.

  3. it's so wrong to feature an inoffensive, polite looking sheep in a cuntiblog about those self righteous, holier than thou, humourless, gang-droning buggers. Their one saving grace is that they're not as bad as those scunts (scotch cunts).

  4. y-tube hale and pace
    sheep prostitutes in wales
    what a fucking blinder

  5. If you we are not to your liking why dont you all piss off back to Germany where you came from you sausage munching loud mouthed oiks; this is our island ,get orrrrff our land you krautz

  6. Im welsh, and I agree.

  7. cuntstable cuntbubble21 December 2011 at 18:48

    How could you cunts have a go at us Welsh.
    We gave you Max Boyce, Charlotte Church and Neil Kinnock.
    We let you steal our water.
    We have set the benchmark in bestiality which even Aussies cant match.
    We are not Scotch.

    Ungrateful cunts.

  8. stressed to fkn haemorrhage point23 December 2011 at 00:16

    Yuletide greetings Cuntstable Cuntbubble, I for one forgive you for not being a Scunt (scotch cunt), and I have to say your lovely weatherwoman Sian Lloyd is much lovelier than that dog-rough Scotch one on the beeb in the morning (is it Carol summat?). As for the bestiality, one can only stand in awe..... may Santa bestow upon you many gifts.

  9. cuntstable cuntbubble24 December 2011 at 15:14

    Stressed to fk haemorrhage point.

    You were doing ok until you mentioned that Wallace & Gromit lookalike, fuckpig, Limpdick Opik castoff, Sian Lloyd. She is a cunt of the first water and by implication and association so are you. Cunt.
    Oh, and Seasons Greetings.

  10. stressed to fkn haemorrhage point25 December 2011 at 21:09

    why, thank you cuntstable cuntbubble, I pride myself on my cunthood and associated cuntwatching activities - it's my one pleasure in my stressed fkn world. May the joys of the season warm your cuntish cockles.

  11. Any Cunt that agrees with this im gonna finger your kiddies. Im not a pedo, im not going to enjoy it, its gonna be for your own cuntstaining good!

  12. what a bunch of tossers!

  13. The English - fucking bunch of useless tits

  14. Were all a bunch of cunts!! The united cuntdom! How come the Irish aren't getting it? There the biggest cunts of all??

  15. Anyone who think the welsh are cunts are cunts themselves

    1. cuntstable cuntbubble29 May 2012 at 19:41

      I'm Welsh and also a cunt so where does that put us?

  16. Sir Limply Stoke29 May 2012 at 19:51

    Defining the welsh sheep suckers dear boy. You are all inbred cunts.

    1. cuntstable cuntbubble30 May 2012 at 11:58

      I am no in-breed you cunt. I am from Pikey, bog Irish and Miserablewelshbastard stock which would probably make me royalty in Norfolk.

    2. Sir Limply Stoke30 May 2012 at 19:57

      Aha a light dawns dear boy. A pikey retard sheep shagger cross by jove. Too much celtic cunt to be healthy. You have much to be grateful for that my forbears spent much of their time despoiling and raping your sheep and womenfolk to introduce fine English genes into degenerate druid stock. But that was in the good old days alas. Now due to boredom from having conquered you so easily then and this tedious pc nonsense now we have neglected you rather.

      After a few hundred years it is probably our duty to fuck you up some more and introduce a little variety. Have you noticed how many of you welsh cunts wear eye glasses and have the same names jonesboyo? Not that we expect any gratitude for it from you miserable whinging welsh wankers. Not when duty calls dear boy.