Friday, 9 December 2011

Nick Ferrari

I had the missfortune to tune into that fat right wing arse licking, murdoch worshiping breakfast LBC radio presenting cunt Nick 'geezer, man of the people' Farrari this morning.

Surely this cunt speaks for all the cunt wafting black cab drivers with his pearls of pure racism and sexism, whilst all the time sucking up to Cameron and his oily fuckin' cronies.

I have honestly never listened to such a control freakery type fat, enormous Pillsbury dough boy of a 'can't climb more than two sets of stairs without heart palpitations' type fat prick in all my days.

Ferrari you have cuntishness ingrained in you like the grain in a plank of wood you thoroughbred fat cunt.

Nominated by Anonymous


  1. Is that his real name?.looks more like nick "fucked up clapped out mini metro" anyway he can go fuck himself fat cunt!

  2. Here here...he is indeed a fat thunder cunt!