Sunday, 15 January 2012

Michael Gove [2]

Micheal Gove is the king of the cunts. Need I say more. Thinks that teachers have it easy, when he is an MP, the cunt. He stayed at a hotel which cost per night £500, and guess what the absolute prick did, made us pay for it. Stop fucking up our education system, and making children (children!) work longer hours and getting less holiday, and do some cunting work yourself. Micheal Gove, King of the cunts.

Nominated by Franky D


  1. Wrong cunt head, Gove enabled Free Schools to cast off the shackles of state interference!

    Fuck you Socialist pig!

    1. HAHAHAHA - tht was funny - please tell me you were joking

    2. Free schools are directly Rcontrolled by the Secretary of State (Gove) so how is that freeing them Anonymous. Think you deserve a post on this page.

  2. When Gove was at Oxford he was a member of the SDLP - if you don't remember, the SDLP were the the most useless cunts you could ever imagine. I have it on good authority that Gove the sdlp-cunt used to wear a kilt, and was arrested for being drunk. He wasn't even a Tory when he was at university. SELL OUT CUNT. Let's kick him to death for a laugh.

  3. The Knights of Malta do not fund the Contras. They do volunteer ambulance work ffs, whoever wrote that article is a cunt

  4. Irrelevant king of the cunts.
    He epitomises everything that makes a cunt.
    Decision making cunt who is unaffected by his decisions. What a prize cunt.
    In fact I would go as far as to elevate him to the lofty hieght of "King Minge".

  5. Mr Gove is a bully boy with one of the most punchable faces on the planet. When his free school and academy agenda didn't take off he simply put the financial bite on all other schools, forcing them to seek academy status. He has now let it slip that "run for profit" schools are on the cards. Privatisation has worked so well for the british people in terms of the privatisation of energy and the railways. Sky high prices all round and massive profits for the bosses. Combined with the heady mix of arrogance and ignorance which is Wilshaw of OFSTED these toxic twins are going to cripple education in this country.
    His crap about "driving up standards" and "ensuring that poorer students will have more opportunities" is just that, crap. A government made up of millionaires who are overseeing the gap between richest and poorest widening really care about prospects for the poor. He is a duplicitous nasty little man whose friendship with Murdoch has obviously influenced his people skills.