Saturday, 5 June 2010

Tim Westwood

Tim Westwood is an annoying, World Cup advertising,
faux ghetto, whining cunt.
Nominated by HeadsonPoles


  1. Captain Haddock5 June 2010 at 20:22

    Green hat, green shirt, green trainers ..

    He's probably got a green & leaky knob-end too .. He certainly looks like a "Marmite Miner" ..

    Anyway, prior to this I'd never even heard of the cunt ..

  2. Niether had I Captain Now I have I dont like the cut of his jib the baggytrousered moonwalking cunt

  3. "Yo hi Bro, is mash-up innit yoono-it, raat!"

    Is how this public school son of the clergy tries to get down wiv da yout; happily he confines himself to Radio One where he does not bother me, the cunt.

  4. i nominate the cunt who shot westwood,
    pity the stupid cunt couldnt shoot straight.