Saturday, 5 June 2010

Barack Obama [6]

Barack Obama is still a total "I'm not a Muslim",
 MacArtneyite of a cunt.
Nominated by LSP


  1. Bollock Osamabama is a hope promissing muzzie cunt. He had better cap that oil well before the world runs out of oil.

  2. All the fault of BRITISH Petroleum isn't it Barry.
    Or is it?

  3. What a fucking wanker, Hosni Mubarak, oops, sorry, wrong cunting.

  4. Captain Haddock7 June 2010 at 11:39

    Whatever the colour of his skin, whatever his racial heritage, whatever his religious beliefs the bloke is a cunt par excellence ..

    He only got elected for his "novelty" value & when that novelty wears off, as its showing signs of doing .. he'll vanish back into obscurity, which is probably the best place for him ..

  5. Possible cunts:
    Monsanto corp!
    Gene meddling, frankenfood food creating, disease riddled, world dominating, money grabbing evil cunts of the highest order.