Saturday, 5 June 2010

Fabio Capello

Fabio Capello is a pompous, overpaid, no-hope-of-winning the
World Cup cunt with a surname that sounds like the Spanish for cunt, cunt
Nominated by Dioclese


  1. Crapello is a pastamunching ciabattafacestuffing chinrubworriedlooking speecyeyedCunt.

  2. what a frickin douchebag.. cant speak english, cant win the world cup.. then he drops their best player JUST like that other douchebag Mclaren did (look how that one turned out) TOO OLD!?? Oi cunt, your 64 mate go do what 64 year olds do and not sustain an erection, go shit and piss in your own bed while sleeping and dont come back. What a twat, how the fuck is england gunna win another fuckin game when we have lennon? Twat, capello has no idea does he... CAPELLO OUT BECKHAM BACK IN