Saturday, 19 June 2010

England Football Team

The England football team are overpaid useless cunts.
Nominated by Dazed And Confused


  1. Here's another one for you

    Andy Murray is a boring, sulky, petulant, immature, tennis playing cunt

  2. Two things are certain in life where footballs concerned.

    A) England are unlikely to win the World cup any time soon.

    B) No matter how hard you try, you'll never kick racism Out Of Football

  3. Captain Haddock20 June 2010 at 11:03

    Dazed And Confused said...

    " B) No matter how hard you try, you'll never kick racism Out Of Football" ..

    You're probably right D&C .. but I'd like to see someone kick the shit out of that overpaid, cererbrally under-endowed, scouse gobshite Rooney ...

    And I couldn't agree more with Dioclese about that English-hating little turd Murray ..


    We speak as one, cunters! Murray and the useless football players, quels cunts!

    Could I also nominate 'wiggers', i.e, white chavs who try to speak like niggers?

    Day is one on dat Peckham Finishin' Skool, innit, blud?

  5. Andy Murray is a miserable, ungrateful, ugly, English hating cunt

  6. Rooney's thuggery and 3 game ban's damaged his country's chances for the third time in a row.Not that those big-headed ,play like they've never met each other,struggling mediocre Cunts will do anything other than flop flaccidly out humiliatingly yet again.Arrogant useless Clueless Cunts !