Saturday, 19 June 2010

Jo Brand [2]

Jo Brand is a foul mouthed, fat, ugly, unfunny cunt.

Nominated by Donna
Seconded by killemallletgodsortemout


  1. Captain Haddock20 June 2010 at 11:04

    What a pig in knickers ...

  2. I hate her, she has no redeeming features, you pick up a dictionary and look up cunt there will be a picture of Jo Brand staring back at you....Donna

  3. From HurlingDervish.
    She's just a bug eyed unfunny cunt, who's had a personality bypass operation.
    She looks a bit like Schwarzenegger in that bit in 'Total Cunt Recall' when they fall off the side of that mountain into the Martian atmosphere and can't breathe and his fuckin' eye's start bulging out and shit. Well that looks like her, a fat, ugly, bulgy eyed, no neck, grey flabby cunt. Comic relief my cunt. Cunt!

  4. Cunt is to nicer word for this fucking fat piece of pig shit