Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Urban Foxes

Ooops, sorry, wrong urban foxes ..... try this one ......

Urban Foxes are "They've eaten my baibeees", cunts want shootin', cunts
Nominated by Banned


  1. This kinda gives a new perspective on the fox-hunting debate, in my opinion. Think about it.

    Those who are against it would often have you believe that foxes are lovely, cuddly little creatures that wouldn't harm a fly. Bullshit. They're nasty creatures who can do a lot of damage, as the case last week showed.

    Shoot the fucking things, the vermin.

  2. Agreed, Grim.

    A few more baby-chewings (chav babies preferably) and it'll be open season on the crafty fuckers!


  3. Since Hunts aren't allowed to rip the little fuckers to shreds, how about those on urban borders using their skills to push foxes into suburbia where they might perhaps chew up some Lovies' and meja types' baibees; they won't feel so pro-fox then.

  4. Here is a fun fact, anyone who hunts foxes is a total cunt. If you believe that urban fox bullshit propaganda spouted by cousin fuckers like the C.A. then you are a thick cunt.