Thursday, 9 July 2009

Rebekah Wade

Rebekah Wade is a ginger cunt.

Nominated by Sambo


  1. Are we sure? Do we think the collars and cuffs match?

  2. I had to Google for this cunt ( since I don't read NOTW or The Sun and I doubt if many of their readers know or care who the fuck she is anyway ).

    The Beeb tells me she was responsible for

    "naming and shaming" of known paedophiles, after the murder of schoolgirl Sarah Payne. Only after attacks on innocent men, riots in Portsmouth and the vilification of even some "paediatricians", did Wade reluctantly pull the plug on the campaign.
    I remember that one, Irrisponsible cunt.

    ...but she has been more circumspect in her approach to the delights of Page 3. Wade's dislike of the bosomed bevy is well established... Spoilsport cunt.

  3. Dunno who she is. But she's probably a cunt. In fact, she's ginger, so defo a cunt.

  4. Just looked her up - she beat up her (then) husband - 'big hard cunt' LOL: Ross Kemp.

    That'll learn you, Kemp. Don't mix with Gingers. They ain't human ya know :-)

  5. yes she's a ginger tory cunt who sucks aussie/yank cockend and swallows the jizz and likes it.

  6. Rebekah Brooks nee Wade was arrested this weekend.

    Congratulations to " a cunt" on your prophetic success.


  7. Cuntstable Cuntbubble20 July 2011 at 00:17

    Rebecca may be a cunt but she knows where the bodies are buried. The sly cunt.