Thursday, 9 July 2009

Peter Alliss

Peter Alliss is a corpulent cunt.

Nominated by G.O.T.


  1. Iain Dale is a cunt, because he really gets on my tits when he puts up an 'open thread' post when he's 'busy'. As if the blogosphere can't cope without him for six hours or so.
    Plus he's a total media slag and wannabe westminster bitch.
    The fucking CUNT.

    Oh, in case anyone didn't know, he's a gayer, dontchaknow. Not that the cunt has mentioned it or anything...

  2. I hate golf since being dragged around golf courses @ age 13 by an uncle when me Mum was in hospital for a few days so I don't know anything about this Peter Alliss except that yes, he is a corpulent cunt and his website is shit.

  3. Michael Barrymore is not "awright" he's a cunt

  4. Peter Alliss is corpulent cuntitude incarnate.