Thursday, 9 July 2009

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart is a Labour luvvy cunt.

Nominated by Dazed N Confused


  1. How do cunts like this get so fucking deluded?

    Like Ferguson, the last time he had anything even approaching a similarity to a working man was just about the last time that fucking Labour were fucking the country up.

    What a cunt.

  2. #AAAgh The Borg have taken his brain away " There must be something we can do or it'll be curtains for Cap'n Cunt ".

  3. A luvvy. They're all cunts.

  4. the man is a total cunt. dates a 31 year old waitress named sunny ozell, flies her in from brooklyn ny for red carpet events to look cool, has no connection to reality. preaches about violence against women yet he dates a woman younger than his daughter, pretends he's connected to the common man but yells at people who ask for an autograph. total cunt.

  5. Dating a female? I always thought his interests lay elsewhere if you know what I mean.