Thursday, 9 July 2009

Peter Macdonald

Peter Macdonald is a Brummy cunt.

Nominated by Banned


  1. Despite being supported by Naomi Someone from Youth Against Racism ( Fake Charity alert !!!! ) he failed to persuade the Radio 2 presenter that
    "If you spin an oriental man around does he become disoriented "
    was a 'racist ' joke but changed tack to demand in his irritating Brummigham whine " Woy is this stuff being paiyed for by Council Tax ?"
    Excuse me, when did Council Tax pay for Church Parish Magazines ? The DJ failed to spot this so he's a cunt too.

    A Gay Asian Comic pointed out that these were not racist, merely plays on words so Peter Macdonald fell back on
    " Well the storay was oanly ran in the Telegrarph and the Mayil so it was probly a stich up to get the PC Goan Maid crowd going ".

    Yes, quite so Peter, PC cunts just like YOU.

  2. This guy was incredible i listened to this convinced it was some sort of wind up, i dont know why people like this get any airplay they should just be told to fuck off and die.