Thursday, 8 March 2012

Amanda Holden [2]

Amanda Holden...sick of seeing that hamster faced supercilious cunt all over the papers

"I died for 40 seconds"....didnt take long to recover enough to get back to your slimey fake tv mates,and listening to "how brave you are".

You and the rest of Cowell's arse licking cunts annoy the fuck out of me...cunts.

Nominated by arrymonk


  1. Christ yes! What exactly is she famous for again? Oh, yeah, marrying Led Dennis (!) and fucking Neil Morrisey. Got to be in the running to be be Queen of Cunts. Oh hang on, that was Diana wasn't it.

  2. haha, the cunt cant even judge a TV talent show. that fucking dog only won it because it is so closely related to this cunt.
    the cunt even said on Britain's Got Talent that she's always felt as though she is a gay man trapped in a woman's body.
    This is definitely her way of saying she loves cock up her arse. if this cunt released an autobiography it would be called "How I Fucked My Way To The Middle".

  3. I don't even know who this cunt is. I can only assume that it is on this new fangled television thing. Only a cunt wouldn't know that's how you lose your soul. Must admit, though, she looks like a good cocksucker, is that what she's famous for, cos I don't know what else she might do.