Thursday, 8 March 2012

Paul Heiney

Paul Heiney is a super cunt. This ruddy faced cunt has been getting right up my fucking nose for months.

This pompous cunt presents Cuntrywise, he is an out and out cunt.

He has the eyebrows that only a cunt could possess and his cuntish remarks never cease to remind me of the colossal cunt that he is. What a CUNT.

Nominated by Cuntbubbler


  1. I nominate Bear Grylls because:

    1. Cunt by name, cunt by nature.

    2. He does all these shitty things on tele that make people think "oh, he's such a hard case" but it's basically camera tricks and bollocks. Cunt. Cunty cunting cunter. And a twat.

    1. I agree with this cunt. Bear Grylls is a cunt of note.

  2. Yeah interesting eyebrows, they look a bit like the flippers on your pinball machine. Bit of a cunt then? Never heard of him to be honest