Thursday, 8 March 2012

Chris Huhne [4]

Chris Huhne has just claimed £17,000 tax free "severance pay" for having to leave his ministerial post. The cunt. He gets caught lying through his crooked teeth about who drove when and now we have to give him a farewell bung.

I hope they jail the cunt and his cunting ex-wife, the ugly cunt, and throw away the key. I hope his ex-wife straps one on and gives it to him up the shiter in the showers every day till his arse bleeds.

Nominated by Blind Pugh


  1. Christ! Look at him! What a cunt!

  2. Yeah actually who votes for cunts like this? Need to have a fucking word with yourselves!

  3. Makes me think the Chinese are onto something here. Everyone complains about human rights, but if they had a cunt like this one, they'd fucking shoot him. That's what missing in modern Britain. Summary executions.
    (I'm just joking (or am I...))

  4. from Hurling Dervish

    Wait, what? no fucking way!!!

    what the fucking fuck is going on?? I'm gonna become a cunt Tory MP and get fired so I can sue and then generally rape the public purse like every other cunt seems to do. Ffs.