Friday, 9 March 2012

Michael Parkinson [2]

You have got to be shitting me, there are no entries for that other cunt of cunts Michael Parkinson!!

There are not enough expletives or text in the world to adequately describe this cunt suffice to say he is a complete and utter cunt!

Nominated by Harveywankbanger

Actually, he has been nominated before here.
But it's a good nomination again so we'll post it


  1. Baggy eyed, sofa dwelling, pish talking cunt. He's like a fucking loose woman in saggy old man form.

  2. I nominate the cunts in India who ring me up about five times a day pretending to be Microsoft. You're not Microsoft, you're a bunch of thieving cunts trying to scam me into downloading spyware onto my computer! And I know you know I've rumbled you coz there must be few people who always tell you to go and get FUCKED TO DEATH BY A SYPHALITIC PIG! Christ, anyone so low down a miserable profession as the Indian call centre industry that they are working for scammers has got to be in the running for the Nobel Prize for Cunts!

    1. And you're pretending to be microsoft, proven cunts already!!! Jesus! Just kill yourselves you cunts. I'll lend you a gun if you need it.

  3. Has anyone nominated traffic wardens yet? If not, what's wrong with you cunts?

  4. Can we have the shot of Emu molesting him
    ? He is a bit of a tedious cunt to be fair. I'd say he was one notch above Michael Aspel on the list of most tedious bastard presenters of the light entertainment genre in the 20th century. Which makes me think Forsythe?? Is he on here? Chinny cunt

  5. Bruce Forsythe......just do us all a favour and fuck the cunt off our screens of a Saturday nigh you dilapidated old cunt (I don't even watch Strictly Come Dancing.....but its like its a constant presence isn't a buzzing fly, or genital herpes?) Nice to see you! To see you Nice! Why don't you stick your chin up your arse.....see if it fits? You Cunt! I've nicked that from Scarface obviously

  6. Parky's a miserable ,rude,dying fuckface of a cunt. I once had the unpleasant experience of being in his company for a few hours! Before I thought he was going to be a great old guy! But alas he is a total fucking cunt!

  7. Mohammed-Fucking-Aleeeeee14 March 2012 at 19:27

    Any cunt who thinks that by saying "and you'l get a free Parker pen" will make anyone watching drop everything and go "Wait a fucking minute, did he just say Free Parker pen? Fuck me hold the fucking bus and sign me up right-a-fucking way my good man" is a proper cunt.

  8. Phil Parkinson the Bradford City football manager is a cunt of highest order. He doesn't know his arse from his elbow, he drops players who are in form and brings in his own cunts who aren't up to the job. He talks a constant stream of bullshit which most people seem to be taken in by but not me. He's that full of shot one day he's going to burst. It won't be pretty.

  9. Viscount Rectum28 March 2012 at 22:05

    You cunts, Parkinson is dead that fucking apparition is a creation of the Wallace and Vomit studio, Parkinson died of amnesia he forgot to wake up.

  10. Shove your Parker pen up your arse sideways, you baggy eyed old cunt.

  11. Sir Limply Stoke3 June 2012 at 21:33

    Lifted some half price bottles of sherbert out of Lidle in order to raise a glass and do homage to our Majesty - and to suss the sp on the next royal cunt to croak. A thorough lot the Royals so Philip will have been measured for his casket years ago. Fuck me Charles is looking older than his pater but look what the poor bloke's got to shag.
    Settled down nicely until I got pissed off by the crap commentary. What a bunch of cunts! Anneka Rice for fucks sake and that little rat shite Chris Hollins and that camp arse shafter with the Canadian accent who's a mate of Prince Edward nudge wink. Too pissed to recall the camp cunt's name and the other fuckwits that kept popping up. That slimey cunt that was on Strictly...
    Can feel a classic liquid fart building up so in haste I nominate the entire BBC presenting team of the Diamond Jubilee Pageant. Right Royal Cunts.

  12. Sir Limply Stoke3 June 2012 at 23:05

    Bugger me its John Barrowman and not to forget Clare Dildo Balding and John Sargeant and other alchohol filled nightmares...