Saturday, 2 July 2011

Chris Huhne [2]

Chris "I Thought She Said Thespian" Huhne is the most arrogant, smug, cretinous wanker of a cunt ever to have drawn breath. The pure idiocy of his cuntish warblings would have seen him tarred and feathered years ago in a more enlightened society; he is so bad that some of the least favoured cunts in the world tip their hats in respect as he wafts past in all his fucking grandeur. If you look up 'cunt' in the dictionary, it will say: 'refer to Chris Huhne'.

Nominated by Caratacus


  1. Well said "C" ...

    Whilst talking of cunts ..

    How about this lefty-leaning, cuntish bitch ?

    Kia Abdullah ? .. Not exactly one of your average Anglo-Saxon or Celtic names, indigenous to these islands, is it ?

    With a name like hers, she should be grateful to be living in a country which permits such cuntish twatterings from a member of her gender ..

    If she enjoys laughing at people with double-barrelled names .. perhaps she'd care to visit Saudia Arabia and have a chuckle at Abdul-Rahman bin Abdul-Aziz ..

    No ... thought not ... fucking waste of DNA ..

  2. "If you look up 'cunt' in the dictionary, it will say: 'refer to Chris Huhne'.. "

    Sadly, "C" the Wiki entry for "cunt" has been locked, preventing any further explanation being made ..

    Otherwise, I would have added your excellent elucidation ..

    Purely in the furtherance of Etymology, one understands .. ;)

  3. Maybe Kai has a hyphenated first name .. as in Kai-Tai ?

    It has been suggested on another Forum, which I visit that this person bears more than a passing resemblance to a Ladyboy ..

    I'm left wondering whether He/She/It does in fact take it up the hoop ?

  4. Tim Worstall agrees Caratacus "Chris Huhne talks bollocks" h/t bishop hill.

    What a fucking hopeless cunt Huhne is, harping on about the Low Carbon Economy will come to be seen as cuntish as tulip mania and gang banging on New yorks subway.

    Banned. Getting fucked off with this, still can't sign in on isacunt site only. I get as far as WV before being fucked off to Blogger sign In page, again and again.

  5. I want to nominate Juan Sheet from the annoying 'Plenty' ads because he's an annoying cunt who should cunt back off to whatever cunting country he comes from and therefore preventing me from cunting my telly whenever the cunt appears on it.
    By Fireman Fred's Cat

  6. I second the cunting of Kia Abdullah.....How many more of these self promoting vain pricks do we need clogging up the internet? Yes she looks like a ladyboy, yes she lists riding a horse as one of her wishes for this year on her blog (forgive me Lord, for I have given it the time of day), yes she is just wanton in trying to get her name (and her ridiculous pouting chops) in the public eye, and yes, probably most importantly of all, she has got literally fucking nothing of any worth to say to justify her twatting tweets being picked up by the likes of the fucking Daily bloody Mail in the first place. And she's a cunt.

  7. Here's a nomination, festival season and all that.....

    Ticket Touts. Can you imagine a more ropey bunch of fucking cunts in your face on a Sunday just before you attempt to get into that gig/concert/show? Talk about selling your grandmother for a bag of smack....they'd sell on your grandmother, your tickets to the show, a bag of 'magic' beans, and a bit of shit hash for £200 and call you a massive cunt for the trouble! They look like failed market traders, they are failed market traders. Look at the fucking state of them! They need rounding up and bundled into a fucking enormous police meatwagon and driven off the white cliffs of Dover the cunts.

  8. Berni Bolton cunt. You may have seen this charecter on facebook . More medals then a russian general if you look close they are mong gongs in the main.He wears a bomb disposal badge on his left arm the nearest this cunt got to a bomb was a bath bomb.He was QM at 221 fd sqn re when 101 regt re was a territorial army unit.He took high explosive in a vauxhall car from a camp in lancashire to kent down main motorways and across the dartford crossing if he had crashed the devistation would have been unimaginable.When the CO heard about it the shit hit the fan but he blagged his way out the CO was a dickhead from northern ireland and all bolton got was a slapped wrist thank christ i was not on dartford crossing that day.