Saturday, 2 July 2011


The entire population of Greece are cunts.
Whilst the rest of Europe cut back to survive and help bail out greasy fucking dago's they have General strikes,riots and pretend that there is no debt problem.
Perhaps they should stop playing the twat and start dancing for pennies as they may need them soon.
Sad delusional fuck witted Cunts the lot of them.

Nominated by Ollie Burtons Grandad


  1. Totally wrong. The Greeks are canny cunts - we're the stupid cunts for giving them the money!!

  2. Nomination : Maria Sharapova is a grunt of a cunt

  3. We had Greek Cypriots at school, called them Bubbles but, on refelection, "cunts" would have been better.

    Greece has maxed out on its credit, solution, give them more credit so they don't fail to meet their minimum repayments; don't think Barclaycard would be too impressed with tht idea.


  4. Yes but it seems they were fine before they joined the Euro so who is really to blame?

  5. We're to blame for letting them in! The had some clever accountants that made it possible for them to join! Cunting denied!