Saturday, 2 July 2011

City Boys

City boys are slave to the money, prancing, designer label worshipping, strip club frequenting, shit haircut sporting, pocket billiard playing, pink shirt with white collar wearing, cocky, irritating everyone else on the train home with their tales of 'spunking' 180 notes on champagne in some toss West End nightclub, GCSE failing, parasitic, corporate hospitality blagging, giving fuck all back to society, absurdly self important, arrogant, obnoxious, shallow, vacuous, overbearing, pointless and unnecessary cunts.

A proper breed of cunts if ever I saw one.

Nominated by King Binge


  1. I am a "City Boy"...not all of us are cunts.
    Some of us work 14 hour days taking large risks but.....WITH OUR OWN CUNTING MONEY.

    We all get tarred with the same brush by cunts who dont know what they are talking about and who should direct their cunting at Bankers and Hedge Fund cunts who really deserve a good cunting.

    That said I do no fucking good for society so perhaps I am a cunt

  2. Well Sid, maybe you are a cunt, maybe you're not. But fact remains I've come across plenty of the types described in my tirade to warrant the posting. Have you thought about doing the soup run after work to ease some of your conscience?

  3. Dear King Binge,
    You are correct, the "City" has more than a smattering of cunts.
    I did think about doing the soup run once but prefer to spend my evenings sniffing charlie off naked lap-dancers....oh no....I am a cunt.