Thursday, 7 July 2011

Ticket Touts

Ticket Touts. Can you imagine a more ropey bunch of fucking cunts in your face on a Sunday just before you attempt to get into that gig/concert/show? Talk about selling your grandmother for a bag of smack....they'd sell on your grandmother, your tickets to the show, a bag of 'magic' beans, and a bit of shit hash for £200 and call you a massive cunt for the trouble! They look like failed market traders, they are failed market traders. Look at the fucking state of them! They need rounding up and bundled into a fucking enormous police meatwagon and driven off the white cliffs of Dover the cunts.

Nominated by King Binge

1 comment:

  1. They should have sold the whole lot to the touts who could then have distributed tickets according to the free market so that the members of the Darlington Raquets Club could have paid through their noses but at least got tickets to their competition of choice and not fucking Sailing in bloody Weymouth.

    That would have been loads better than that cunt Coe did.