Thursday, 7 July 2011

Juan Sheet

Juan Sheet from the annoying 'Plenty' ads is an annoying cunt who should cunt back off to whatever cunting country he comes from and therefore preventing me from cunting my telly whenever the cunt appears on it.

Nominated by Fireman Fred's Cat


  1. I'd like to nominate that god awful, good for bogroll, Murdoch piece of shit, the Cunt of the World.
    Fuckin dead soldier hacking-dead teenager hacking-can't do decent journalism-feeding moron cunts celeb garbage-bullshit talking-Jordon promoting- useless fleet street hack cunts. I hope they all die. And those at the Guardian and Polly Toynbee. Fuckin fuck the fuck off you cuntys. 9.0 on the Cunter Scale cunts.

  2. Billy Bragg is a free Glastonbury ticket obtaining, shit act, left leaning cunt who if he leaned anymore left would be in the Atlantic, CUNT.
    Infact anyone who is left, slightly left, socialist, supports the gay community, is commie, luvs human rights and wants to lick Jackie Smiths minge is a complete cunt. Fuckin freeloading cunts. Geta job! Grrrrrrrrrr

  3. With his super absorbent kitchen roll, that bloke's a hero in my book.