Friday, 11 February 2011

Jim Devine

Jim Devine is an alcoholic, pavement-pizza-faced drunk driver and sex-pest who was such a "cunto di tutti cunti" that he managed to talk himself into a cell with big Vern on national TV.

This Scotch cunt is a utter triple-filtered, first-pressing, Supersize, five star cunt of the first water, the cunt.

Nominated by Jack Savage


  1. Fat, thick, thieving fuck ..

    Trades Union hero ? .. when caught out, tried to stitch-up his secretary ..

    Why are Union Reps like Bananas ?

    Cos they're yellow, bent & hang around in bunches ..

    Enjoy your time slopping-out you twat ..

  2. The cunt is now also a bankrupt cunt. You would not have thought it was possible to add to his cuntaciousness, but it now seems his long suffering secretary will not get her compensation.
    A giant wobbling fucktard of a cunt sprinkled with cuntreds and thousands.....
    Sorry...I do not normally shout....