Friday, 11 February 2011

Eduardo Medina-Mora Icaza

His Excellency Eduardo Medina-Mora Icaza,the Mexican Ambassador to the UK, who managed to make himself look even more of a cunt than Jeremy Clarkson (a cunning stunt if ever there was one) by making a po-faced complaint to that hive-mind of cunts, the BBC, bringing about such a concaternational rat-king of cunts as to be in danger of creating a "Black Cunt-Hole" capable swallowing the whole universe is not just a cunt but a crapulous, flatulent, Hispanic, bone-idle bean-eating somnolescent of a cunt.

Nominated by Jack Savage


  1. That's what comes of livng on a diet of Re-fried beans & Fajitas ..

    You can't polish a wet-back turd, no matter how hard you try ..

  2. You forgot to mention being the ambassador of a soon-to-be-failed state overwhemlmed by narco-terrorists cunt.

  3. Hosni Mubarak is an X-President asylum seeking cunt.

  4. Now that Sir is quality cunting.

  5. What the fuck? Has the sun recently been emitting more cunta-rays, or have the boys at the Large Hadron Cuntfinder discovered and released the Cunt Particle? Where do all these cunts come from?
    If we were all to get ourselves a big sharp stick and go hunting for those of the cuntic persuasion...where would be the best place be? I would say the “Corridors of Cunts”...where the cunts who steal us blind and also pass endless useless or intrusive or downright barking legislation to burden and plague our lives are to be found. And where would the Mother Lode, the Death Star, the Holy of Cunting Holies be for those cunts? The cunting EU, that is where. And what would happen if those Eurocunts decided to have a poll amongst themselves to decide who was the biggest,floppiest, scary-hairiest , sloppiest, top-of-a-plasterer’s-welly-like cunt of them all?
    Step forward and show your plug-ugly face.... Catherine Margaret Ashton, Baroness Ashton of Upholland who came last in this survey:
    This is, so far, the utter bathos of achievement for this ineffective, unelected, promoted-several- light-years-beyond-her-competence "laide ideal" of a pointless parasitical cunt of a office-seeker , who on the few occasions she can be cunted even to turn up to any vital meeting has no hesitation in spreading the legs of our poor homeland so it can get a good gang-kicking in the cunt by the rest of the EU. I could go on and on.
    What a cunt!

  6. Poetry Jack, pure bloody poetry :)

  7. 'Colonel' Gaddafi is a gruesome zombie of an undead cunt.