Thursday, 3 February 2011

Nick Clegg [4]

Deputy Prime Sinister, Nicholarse Clegg, who apparently can't work beyond 3pm, is a cunt. Must be the influence of his Dago wife, all them siestas and sangria means he's too exhausted to do a day's work. The lazy cunt.

Nominated by Blind Pugh


  1. What a fucking waste of space. Next opportunity fuck off to Beijing with your Spanish bint and don’t come back.

    I’d like to nominate Hugo Chavez for being a cry baby, never off the phone to his commie mate Ghadaffi, blubbing about how unfair it was that their fellow muppets in Tunisia and Egypt were getting theirs on the street, pant wetting red cunt.

    Hugo Chavez in the crosshairs of the 4th Fleet, and he knows it. Commie Caracas Cunt, cunt.

  2. How is it that this site has managed to miss that Ueber-Cunt that is Jim Devine,alcoholic, pavement-pizza-faced drunk driver and sex-pest who was such a "cunto di tutti cunti" that he managed to talk himself into a cell with big Vern on national TV.

    I would be rude about the fact that he is a Scotch cunt but that would be unfair to other Scotch cunts who, much as they try, would struggle to attain the level of cuntitude achieved by this utter triple-filtered, first-pressing,Supersize, five star cunt of the first water.

  3. And while we are on the subject of cunts,His Excellency Eduardo Medina-Mora Icaza ,the Mexican Ambassador to the UK, managed to make himself look even more of a cunt than Jeremy Clarkson, a cunning stunt if ever there was one, by making a po-faced complaint to that hive-mind of cunts, the BBC, bringing about such a concaternational rat-king of cunts as to be in danger of creating a "Black Cunt-Hole" capable swallowing the whole universe.
    Not just a cunt but a crapulous, flatulent, Hispanic, bone-idle bean-eating somnolescent of a cunt.
    Ay Caramba, es un cunta, no?