Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Vince Cable

St Vince Cable is a leather-faced, corrupted by power,
"fuck the pledge I signed now that I can lord it over you daft fuckers"
 cunt who will never be taken seriously again and
who uses "progressive" to mean taxing us to pay for
idle, work-shy immigrant and indigenous scrotes cunt.

Nominated by Tweed 


  1. Nomination :
    eBay customer service are a bunch of foreign call centre, barely speak English, don't give a shit, never answer the question, never do what they say cunts who send customer satisfaction questionaires out asking what you think of the answer they never sent you, the cunts.

  2. Or as Don Logan famously put it " leather, like a leatherman, your skin, you could make a fucking suitcase out of you, 'oldall. You look like a fucking crocodile fat bastard you look like Idi Amin, know what I mean, should be ashamed of yerself, cunt"

    (Ben Kingsley, Sexy Beast).

  3. All 650 MP's are cunts. How ever many there are in the lords, they too are cunts. Everyone who was ever been an MP or a lord are cunts. Anyone who is or has ever been a royal is a cunt.All arms dealers are cunts. So are soldiers who join to kill.Barmen who ignore you when your shouting and waving a twenty at last orders are exceptional cunts.Traffic wardens 99,99% of cops,debt collectors and bailiffs,and cunts are cunts.oh yeah and guido fawkes is a mega cunt and a fat cunt and a lieing cunt

  4. guidoforks as a mere private commenter here on "...isacunt" it is not for me to dictate the terms of cuntification but perhaps your cunting might be more effective were it to be somewhat 'person specific' although I would agree with your splendid Class Cunting that oily barmen who ignore wildly proferred twenties are a special breed of "do you want some 'an all or wot!" cunts who want sorting, fucking pronto!

  5. I was sent this one but thought it was better suited to your site, so I nominate -

    Lord Sebastian Coe is an Olympic sized cunt

  6. Shouldn't the sleeves of Cables suit be fastened at the back ?

    He's a bleedin' nutter ...

  7. @banned
    I did not want to sit typing in the name of every cunt present and past, imagine how long it would have been?