Saturday, 7 April 2012

Tube Drivers

I'd like to nominate those lazy tunnel rat cunt tube drivers.

Greedy, lazy good for nothing scroungers.

£850 for working during the Olympics?

Fuck off you greedy cunts.

I along with everyone else will be getting fuck all extra for working during the Olympics.

You greedy, lazy fucking tunnel rat cunts.

Nominated by Bob Geldoffs Wellingtons


  1. From HurlingDervish

    Why no comments about these lazy fuckwits? you cunts are quite happy to lay into the old bill, yet won't say boo to a goose when it comes to these 'children of Bob Crowe' snot rags?
    Are you fucking blind, these cunts drive some of you fuckers to work no doubt, working as you probably do , in the fucking Isle Of Dogs financial sector and all that kind of shit where you get paid 150 grand a year, and I should imagine that you cunts are quite happy to have these japs eye's driving you around.....
    Well, I'm not and fucking Bob Crowe can slam it sideways up his clowns pocket of a cunt the fat socialist champagne prick. That goes for his tosser drivers as well, the cunts!!!

  2. Sir Geoffry D'Mimmsy ne Parkinson McKevvitts3 June 2012 at 08:47

    Come on you cunts, let's generate some fucking debate about these subterranean, lazy, greasy haired, fat, pasty skinned, unhealthy, work shy cunts.
    Question: Who actually agrees with anything Bob "The Cunt" Crow and the RMT have done in the past?

    1. I take your the same Person who calls himself MR CUNTFACE and probably a dozen other names on this site ?