Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ed Balls [5]

I get excited imagining the sound of a massive hay-maker punch landing smack in his mouth, knocking his teeth down his throat and hearing the fat, socialist cunt choke to death on his own blood. The cunt.

Nominated by Anonymous


  1. From HurlingDervish.

    I don't know why this bullying Gordon Brown worshipping/knob sucking greasy cunt and his 'orrible pixie missus isn't 'top of the pops' he reminds me of a) my arsehole and b) Rick Mayall in 'the new statesman' , well actually he just reminds me of Rick Mayall. Shooting his fat cunting mouth off at every opportunity whilst trying to hide and distance himself from the economic meltdown he helped put us all in the shit over. king sized cunt.
    fucking fat wanking, pencil dicked cunt.
    Don't come round my gaff knocking for votes Balls, I'll smash yer teeth in, put you on your fucking bovine arse, and your fucking mates you fat cunt!!

  2. If Elvis was the King of rock n roll, Pele King of footy, Senna King of F1 then Ed Balls is the King of Thick Fat Ugly Socialist Gob Shitey Economic Fuck up Cunty Cunts.
    I have to shout "YOU CUNT" every time he infects my telly, the No.1 cunt, can't help myself.
    Think Brown was a cunt, Ed Balls showed him how.