Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Billy Bragg [3]

Billy Bragg is a free Glastonbury ticket obtaining, shit act, left leaning cunt who if he leaned anymore left would be in the Atlantic, CUNT.

In fact anyone who is left, slightly left, socialist, supports the gay community, is commie, luvs human rights and wants to lick Jackie Smiths minge is a complete cunt. Fuckin freeloading cunts. Geta job! Grrrrrrrrrr

Nominated by Adz Williams

1 comment:

  1. From HurlingDervish.

    Billy wrote cunty leftie songs that no one bought. Kirsty MacColl sang one or two she did a much much better job and she was a better singer than him anyway.
    Which proves what a leftie cunt he is, go and buy rough Trade records you Labour supporting cunt.
    You can afford it!! Cunt!