Thursday, 16 June 2011

Mervyn King

Bank of England governor Mervyn King. Another millionaire, asleep at the wheel while the greedy banksters poured funny money into the pockets of those who couldn't afford to pay it back on the basis of unchecked 'liar loans', pushing house prices into the stratosphere and denying an entire generation the security of home ownership. The BoE's remit is to control inflation, which (in line with government plans to deflate away all the nasty debt),but Mervyn simply writes a letter to Number 10 every month (for the past EIGHTEEN months)saying how he has 'temporarily' failed to do this, eroding the wealth of savers and borrowers in a massive state sanctioned theft. For this he is given a Knighthood. Arise Sir Cunt!

Nominated by OxfordCunt


  1. Chris "I Thought She Said Thespian" Huhne is the most arrogant, smug, cretinous wanker of a cunt ever to have drawn breath. The pure idiocy of his cuntish warblings would have seen him tarred and feathered years ago in a more enlightened society; he is so bad that some of the least favoured cunts in the world tip their hats in respect as he wafts past in all his fucking grandeur. If you look up 'cunt' in the dictionary, it will say: 'refer to Chris Huhne'.

    The Cunt.

  2. cuntstable cuntbubble16 June 2011 at 15:58

    Ethelred was an ill-prepared cunt.

  3. If they continue with this sh!t soon to be a dead cunt

  4. cunt of the first order