Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bob Brown

Senator Bob Brown is a creepy, butler from Horror Castle resembling, global warming alarmist and senator cunt.

Nominated by funkybarfly


  1. Good nomination. He is indeed a cunt.

  2. Bob Brown is a filthy lying cunt, who has an unhealthy relationship with that daughter of Satan Sarah Hanson Young.
    I have heard the she was recently sodemized by Mathew Newton, whilst Bob Brown was sucking off Bert in the back ground, what a nightmare.

  3. Brown is a lying mongrel poofter intent on wrecking this country. He is a cunt of the first order and I'd LOVE to smash this areshole's face in. Stinking lousy piece of dog shit. I hope he contracts a disease that causes him pain beyond belief and dies in sheer agony. Wouldn't piss on the guckhead if he was on fire.