Thursday, 7 April 2011

Simon Harwood

PC Simon Harwood is not fit to wear a uniform (other than a prison uniform)
thug who batonned and pushed Ian Tomlinson on the day of the G20 protests
but I'll bet he gets away with it. The lying cunt.


  1. I am a moaning fuckwit and agree with Grumpy Old Twat, this rozzer was tough with his group bullying Ian.

  2. I am a moaning fuckwit and I nominate that Scottish tight arsed, condescending, big headed CUNT Duncan Balantyne because he is just a CUNT!

  3. Plod-cunt. Can it get any worse?
    Yes. Judge-cunt will set it free to kill again.....

  4. But, to be fair, he did say "If I whacked the drunk pissed up alki "Ian" Tomlinson progressing provocatively towards police lines and "if" (LOL) he fell, it's not my fault and I'm really sorry if he died from anything to do with me and I should have stayed in the van anyway but wanted a bit of action as per training.


    MP Simon Danczuk.........another sleezy Labour Cunt

  6. Wow, KillemallletGodsortemout, you were so accurate with your prediction. How do you do it? LOL hhaaaaaaaaaaha