Thursday, 7 April 2011

David Cameron [8]

David Cameron is a spineless, hand wringing, softcock PC appeasing,
sycophantic übercunt who's also rather too free with his citizens' money
into the bargain. The cunt.
Nominated by Angry Exile


  1. Look...if we are going to be able to nominate cunts like this so many times things will get tedious.
    Can we not promote cunts like this to a sort of "Cuntitude Hall of Infame" somewhere so I do not have to look at the cunts ever again unless I actually try?
    I mean.... even at cunt-only parties people point at him and say: " Who is THAT utter cunt?"
    Head-like-a-buttered-potato cunt.

  2. I am a moaning fuckwit and I nominate that teenage yank who sings the horrendous Friday Song - Rebecca Black. Total CUNT!

  3. Blimey, I wasn't expecting a mass cunting today, I only came to offer the following.

    If Typhoo put the T in BriTain, who put the cunt in Scunthorp?
    clue, it wasn't the £32,000 robbing cunt Eric Morely.

    I'll get back to Cameron and the other new cunt candidates tomorrow.

  4. Jack Savage, I did think when I nominated him that he was accruing cuntishness at a faster rate than even Gordcunt Brown and another go might be overdoing it. And then it hit me (fucking wish it had hit him). Why not upgrade him to übercunt?

  5. I am a moaning fuckwit and nominate the entire "Egghead" team from the BBC 2 quiz show of the same name.

    Using the AV method to list the CUNTS I say:

    1 "CJ" that painted eyebrow turd burglar who pulls is stupid face when other people answer questions - the weird looking puff CUNT!.

    2. "Barry" with his peado kiddie fiddler glasses - another scary looking CUNT!

    3. "Chris" the bald one with the grey pelmet of hair draped about his collar - a know all CUNT!

    4. "Judith" the ponced up Millionaire winning red lip - a too fucking pseudo posh speaking CUNT!

    5. "Daphne" the nice old lady who looks like Rick Parfit's mom (out of Status Quo) when she smiles - really just a CUNT by association with the other CUNTS.

  6. I am a moaning fuckwit and nominate Anthony Steen MP as a complete CUNT.

  7. That Cameron is a spoon-faced mong of an ubercunt, with his fake sincerity to citizens of this country whilst betraying us to the EUROcunts, and at the same time hosing our money away to Paki-fucking-stan and India.

  8. I am a moaning fuckwit and nominate Eric Pickles MP because he is a CUNT who thinks that being an MP is like a real job!

  9. Right Cameron first; Cunt di Capo Cunti after apologising for Britain making Pakistan in the first place the cunt failed to apologise for not doing Afghanistan properly in the first three Afghan wars; for the failure of Richard Coeur de Lion to sort out that recidivist Kurd cunt Salahadin thus not keeping Jerusalem safe for the real God and finally for planning to apologise to the fucking Welsh, give me strength, for owning their X-country by right of conquest which the dippy cunt claims "is a concept not fit for purpose in the 21st Century".

  10. Nomination:

    Justin Beiber is a sad, talentless cunt with millions of non-existent 'friends' on Facebook who must be even sadder cunts.

  11. I am a moaning fuckwit and refer "Dioclese" above to the section headed "Justin Beiber" as previously nominated by "Banned" - yes he is a CUNT.

  12. Who the fuck is Justin Beiber? Let's get back to Cameron, the Con Cunt.

  13. EDDIE MAIR is a fucking dumbing down , arsewipe BBC cunt with his soft cuntish scottish attitude , what a cunting patronising turnoff.bring back the serious cunts with real intellectual ability.

  14. Maggie ( the biggest CUNT ever ) Thatcher27 May 2011 at 16:49