Saturday, 8 January 2011

Roy Hodgson

Roy Hodgson, the worst 'pool manager since Michael Barrymore,
is a sacked today useless cunt.

Nominated by AllSeeingEye


  1. Tony Blair is still a murdering war criminal, travelling the world with his evil wife using money drenched in the blood of innocent people, pious, Mark of Cain, absolute motherfucker of a cunt.

    He is the kind of cunt that should always be remembered.

    And his cunting cunt of a cunt wife.

    They are the King and Queen of Cunts.

    Never forget what he did.

    And that dumb, drug addled cunt George W. Bush.

    And I like Dubya!

  2. And another vote for Mrs. B. Liar, alleged Human Rights Lawyer.

    The scum of the Earth has used the Asylum system to get here, to the detriment of those truly deserving of our sanctuary.

    If she associates with people like Tony, I have to assume the worst. I don't know about fags, but God hates cunts.

    Killing innocent people is about as cunty as you can get.

    Any list of cunts that does not have them at the top is cunting wrong!

    In Britain we do not tolerate that kind of behaviour!

    Unless you are honest about it.

    Can we have two dishonourable cunts for the price of one? Or does Tony count twice?

    Makes Roy Hodgson seem quite pedestrian realy.

    Liverpool players are greedy, useless cunts too.

    In fact, 99.99% of footballers are thick, Carlos kickaball, greedy, ignorant cunts.

    Even the lower leagues are full of cunts now!

    Football is mans game, played by cunts!

    I need to lie down.

  3. Some excellent nominations that you've made there Anon but you obviously haven't read Rule 1 yet.

    Shame ;-(

  4. From Ashtrayhead:

    Roy Hodgson's only a cunt if you're a Liverpool supporter. To everyone else it's rather funny! Anyway I nominate Kenny Dalglish because he's an untintelligible Scotch cunt who is worse than Woy.