Thursday, 13 January 2011

Audley Harrison

So pisspoor excuse for a boxer Audley Harrison is going to be paid his purse from the David Haye fight.

Apparently he's delighted and said he will put it in his handbag along with his make-up and tampons, the useless wet cunt.

Nominated by AllSeeingEye


  1. Dare say he'll be spending it on new frocks and Jimmy Choos ... oh, and some lovely new chintz soft furnishings for his perfumed boudoir. The big girls' blouse of a cunt.

  2. Like the new layout... which I suppose makes me a lazy cunt for not updating mine. But then you can't improve on perfection!

  3. Thought I'd give the cunts a makeover to go with their shiny new URL ;-)

  4. Now then Chaps. Mustn't have a go at Mrs. Harrison's little boy. He's never hurt anyone has he?