Monday, 13 December 2010

Charlie Gilmour

Charlie Gilmour, "Champagne Socialist" wanker, has been arrested, and we fervently hope that if he's found guilty and sent down that some horrible, hairy, tattooed lag rogers his poor little rich-boy arse until it prolapses, the cunt.
Nominated by Captain Haddock


  1. Charlie gilmour is a "comfortably dumb" idiotic CUNT.

  2. What gets me about this richboy cunt, is the fact he's studying history. He reckons he didn't know the flag he was swinging on was attached to the Cenotaph, the most famous war memorial in the country. This leads me ask the question, if he's studying history, what's he studying the history of? It can't be British history, so I can only assume he's studying the history of dipshit behaviour.

    Leaving aside the fact he offended me greatly by desacrating the Cenotaph, this little sack of shit chose to do so by swinging on the Union Flag. The flag of my country, the flag I served under in the Royal Artillery. This posh twat, cuntfaced little rat cunt should be shoved right back up his mother.