Saturday, 27 November 2010


Ireland is a green, tweedy, celtic tiger with it's arse ablaze, cunt
Nominated by Dark Lochnagar


  1. Dark Lochnagar, my fucking arse27 November 2010 at 17:12

    So says a scotch cunt, whose own cuntry would be a cess pool of wife-beating, alcoholic, job-dodging, murdering terrorist-releasing, low-life scum were it not for the generosity of the English who have bailed the scotch out since the Barnett Formula came into place. I didn't notice any young scotch cunts protesting at the tuition fees - the cunts have theirs paid for by the English, as are their prescriptions for sick scotch and fees for care of the elderly scotch.

    Scotland the Brave? Think Abdel Basset al-Megrahi. I don't think so.

    Shame on you. Cunts.

    Oh, and you can keep your oil revenue and live from that. We don't want it. See how long you last without being supported by another country - I'm sure Libya would bail you tossers out, if the need arose. They owe you one, after all.

    While I'm at it - that Andrew Murray is a scotch cunt that you can keep north of the border, as well.

    In fact, if scotchfuckingland is so good, why do we have so many of you cunts in England, eh?

    Fucking parasitic, cowardly porridge wogs, the lot of them.

    1. Porridge Wog. My new favourite expression.

  2. Excellent rant but you missed out 'kilt wearing cunts' ;-)

  3. Ah, so I take it you won't be moving to Scotland first commenter?

  4. Is Ireland the first Cunt Country?

    I third party nominate Chris Huhne
    "Traitor Huhne - the Cancun cunt - selling this country down the river."

    @Anon at Ranting Penguin

  5. Yes I know that one shouldn't allude to physical attributes and all that sort of thing but Ed Miliband's lower lip is really starting to get on my tits. So, I would like to nominate Ed Miliband as a boring, gormless, uninspired, wet behind the ears, useless twat of a lower lip that looks like it weighs about three hundredweight (and is about as manageable) cunt.

  6. It certainly sounds like your arse talking, first commenter.

  7. Just a cunt with no sense of humour and no idea how Scottish oil has bailed out the UK for the last 40 years. Hee hee!

  8. eh darkie m8
    i met a glaswegian (what i thought was a drunken cunt)we both had massive punch up and the fucker jumped up like a spring chicken and whacked me on the forehead with a pint glass, blood no end !
    But that man is as loyal as i am loyal to him:O))
    my best friend and drinking partner
    the old fucker loves me like a son;O))BRICKBAT
    PS bono and that pikey twat geldof(and his vile siblings) should be doing the eussr "do they know it´s fookin christmas toim in fookin Dublin" cunts

  9. Anonymous, there's not a lot I can add.

  10. Oh for fucks sake DL, you can do better than that by way of a witty reposte.

    Me in shitstirring mode.

  11. Banned, you can't really be suggesting a Cunting of DL for not being funny enough?

    That's harsh.

    [also stirring]

  12. For not being cutting enough Mr Eye, Glasgae Smile like.

  13. If this is the first cunting of a country, could I nominate Germany as a cunt - no specific reasons really, just a fucking boring, authoritarian, you must do vat vee say cunting cunts. (and my best mates a cunting german cunt so it's personal not racist - although they are a bunch of utter cunts in principle).

  14. David Beckham is a bid losing cunt

  15. I've no doubt, Russia will now be a mafia ridden, bent bastard, country. Just saying!

  16. Banned, fuck off you baldy cunt. How was that?

  17. Swedish slappers who accuse innocent men of rape to get money from America are cuntish cunts cunting on humanity fuckin cunts

  18. I nominate this "Champagne Socialist" wanker

    And fervently hope that if he's found guilty & sent down .. that some horrible, hairy, tattooed lag rogers his poor little rich-boy arse until it prolapses ..

    That'll teach the cunt ..

  19. The scotch are kilt-wearing homosexual McCunts.

  20. (sigh)...once again, scunts, stick your oil up your arse(s)