Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Norman Wisdom

Sir Norman Wisdom is a taking so fucking long to die,
unfunny cunt. 

The fact Albanians thought he was God on earth 
tells you an awful lot about the unfunny dead cunt. 

Nominated by Blind Pugh


  1. Unfunny cunt who is to blame for the hoards of Albanians behaving like they do when they get here because Norman makes them think that we are all gormless fuckers like he was, the cunt.

  2. Cringe makingly unfunny. The fact that he was Chaplin's favourite clown says it all.

  3. Charlie Chaplin was the most unfunny cunt I've ever come across and I therefore nominate him as a cunt.
    Actually, it's a toss up between him and Lenny Henry.
    OK, they're both unfunny cunts and can we cunt the BBC as they seem to be obsessed with Lenny fucking henry.

    So many cunts .......

  4. Richard Curtis for being a 10:10 climate gate global warming scaremonger blowing up kids in a shit alarmist lying film cunt of a cunt

  5. Nomination :

    Retired, never ex-, teachers are dogmatic, patronising, dismissive, educated but unintelligent, domineering, pragmatic, tediously boring, supercilious, dogma ridden cunts who say 'Yes?' at the end of every sentence, the cunts. Yes?

  6. The residents of the Isle of Man have been given an open invitation to the funeral of Sir Norman Wisdom.

    Yes, because no sane cunt would go to the unfunny corpse's funeral so they have to invite the general public. He'd only have moved to the Isle of Man to evade tax, the greedy cunt.

    I hope no cunt turns up.

  7. I nominate Kelly Marshall .. benefit whore & all round slapper who deserves a good shoeing to bring her into the real world ..

    What a feckless, brass-necked cunt ..

  8. Well if we're nominating cunts because they are are two of the un-funniest useless cunts ever!

    Phil Jupitas is a fat, useless, unfunny and only kept in pies by the BBC cunt ever, cunt.

    Stephen Fry is an unfunny, pretentious, relied on Hugh Laurie, pompous and cock sucking arse bandit cunt.

    And the cunt to beat all cunts, the piece de la cunt resistance of all cunts.....Russel Brand is an unfunny, needs fucking chinning, preferably by me, fucking horrible cunt of a nasal Essex whiny voiced, untalented gold plated and diamnond encrusted cunt of the first order.cunt

  9. Nomination:

    The religious zealots who condemned Dioclese just because he posted a video criticising the Pope are all humourless cunts!

  10. Dioclese is a Pope hating cunt

  11. I bet one of my mates just posted that...

    But if not ->

    I think that anonymous comment just proved my point, the cunt!

    ...and incidentally, I hate all churches not just the catholics. They are all self agrandising, hypocritical cunts.

  12. Another nomination :

    'Strictly' host, Bruce Forsyth, is a bald cunt

    I fucking hate that program!

  13. At while we're on a roll...

    Suffolk County Council boss Andrea Hill is an overpaid 'consult-speak' cunt! No-one can understand a fucking thing she says, the cunt.

  14. i think you'r a cunt

    norman wisdom has acheived more that you ever will

    twat wishing people would die quicker. you're pathetic.

    if you cant give an interesting opinion then stop blogging