Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Bad Drivers [2]

Motorists in East Anglia are couldn't-drive-a-nail-into-wood, 
infuriating, no-fucking-idea-where-they-are-going, deaf, 
blind, stupid, incapable-of-parking, and s-o s-l-o-w 
they-would-be-late-for-their-own-fucking-funeral cunts.

Nominated by Dioclese


  1. Oi, cunt driver, YELLOW BOX JUNCTIONS "you shall proceed into a yellow box junction when turning right if the only thing preventing you from leaving the box is on-coming traffic"
    Failure to do so is a fail on your test and 3 points on your license in real life.

    Got that CUNT!

  2. That photo wasn't taken in Essex.

    The wheels are still on the car.