Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Pakistan Cricket Team

The Pakistan Cricket Team have finally fucked off home,
the lying, cheating, match fixing cunts.

Nominated by AllSeeingEye


  1. Good fucking riddance too .. if you can't play a game fairly & by the rules .. just fuck off !!

    Oh .. and don't bother coming back either ..

  2. The cunt that made that video on GOT whining about the burger and made himself a total cunt, is a cunt of the first order, cunt.

  3. And now they accusing OUR team of being bent, fucking cunts!

  4. 'Drivers' who don't know the rules about Yellow Box Junctions are Yellow Box Junction Cunts!

    You know the one, the cunt who hovers at the edge of the box while indicating 'right'; not realising that unless he/she moves into the centre of the box and activates the censor the lights won't 'know' he/she is there and so won't trigger the "right turn only >" light and we'll all be there till half past fucking midnight.
    As you catch his/her timid eye in his rear view mirror the little wanker is thinking "OOh no! You're not going to bully me just because you have an un-eco-friendly humveee, I am right and have the law on my side"

    No it isn't you CUNT, YOU are committing the offence of OBTSRUCTION, ie Of ME!

    No matter how many times you blare your horn at his/her unlawfull behaviour the wanker sits there until the lights turn amber then skootles across (ILLEGALLY!) leaving me, and the five drivers behind, looking like, well, some sort of cunts, actually.

    (....isacunt Mods: Sorry if I've done this one before but it really does boil my piss as GOT would say.)

  5. I would like to nominate Sue Perkins.
    This untalented, loudmouth, ugly, trendily dykish but not too risque, always on my telly, pointless fuckwit is most deserving.
    Just my opinion.
    I thank you.

  6. Stephen Fry is a faggy old fop of a luvvy no longer funny cunt.

  7. Anonymous.

    I think you'll find that the people who run this site might well call you a cunt for cunting someone, whilst not giving a name, yourself.

    There are only 2 rules on the site - you've broken the first one.

    Silly cunt.

  8. Dear cunts, apologies for cunting anonymously - I was pissed.
    I am clearly a drunken cunt.