Saturday, 18 September 2010

Bob Crow [3]

Bob Crow is a commie. celebrity status seeking, 
born in the posh bit just outside Epping, 
overpaid by about £133k including expenses, mockney, 
fat, Millwall supporting, "bet his parents wish they'd thrown
 away the baby and kept the afterbirth" 
dinosaur of a trade unionist cunt. 

Nominated by Corrugated Soundbite


  1. The Fat Trot supports Millwall? After This little debacle last year, where the fat thug Crow made a complete twat of himself, I would have assumed that he followed Daggers and Rebridge...Or would that just be in support of his Comrades at the car plant?

  2. Ah, D&C, according to the fat cunt's Meeja Comrades at the Observer, he's a Millwall fan:

    Another charade he maintains perhaps? His salary and expenses may allude to the fact he is a prawn sandwich munching Man U fan. And a regular Wimbledon (tennis) attendee.

  3. Total and utter CUNT. End ex...

  4. Carl Boulter is a sacked PCSO cunt who described his patch as a shithole.

  5. How 'bout that sissy cunt, Justin Bieber?

  6. Crow is an arch-cunt.The cunt to end all cunts.The last fucking strike was due to plans to cut staff in unnecessary positions on the Lesbigaypaedo Asylum Seekers'Employment Bureau,sorry, London Underground.Fucking unnecessary,fat,Blair's cock-sucking CUNT.

  7. From HurlingDervish
    ...Heston Blumethal loving, haute cuisine swilling, trade union leeching, ballbag sucking, Nick Ferarri loving, wipes arsehole with hand, fat overweight fucking, fortune earning off the public purse, secret cross dressing, Labour loving trotsky licking fat fucking cunt of an excuse for a human being. Fuck off you fat cunt!!!