Sunday, 15 August 2010

Kirsty Wark [2]

Kirsty Wark is a Common Purpose cunt.

Nominated by INCOMING!!!!!!!


  1. William Hague is a Muslim cock-sucking, Ramadan-loving, lunatic-supporting, blinkered, baldy, foetid cunt of the highest order.

  2. She's also got a face like a blind welder's bench ...

  3. She sounds like she's had a stroke when she speaks, the scotch minge.

  4. high definition tv will be her undoing15 August 2010 at 20:17

    A BBC Labour luvvy and overpaid useless SNP hating slapper.
    She was very tasty a few years ago but has gone to seed a bit recently.
    Still love to pump her though to see what it's like.

  5. high definition tv will be her undoing said...

    ..... Still love to pump her though to see what it's like" ...

    Christ on a crutch .. not even with the brass-shod end of my old Pace Stick ...

    Hats off to you .. you've got a stronger stomach than I have mate ...

  6. hig definition tv will be her undoing16 August 2010 at 01:59


    Yes you've not seen the slappers that I've pumped. Kirsty is way up above them ( sadly).

  7. hig definition tv will be her undoing said...


    Yes you've not seen the slappers that I've pumped. Kirsty is way up above them ( sadly)" ...

    Ha ha .. I'll plead guilty to more than a few Gronks around the world, courtesy of the "Grey Funnel Line" ..

    But hell's teeth .. a man must retain a modicum of self-respect ... ;) ;)

  8. Blimey - I've seen better-looking plasterer's radios. No wonder she's a feminazi - no-one would want to pork that - oh, hang on - is Blunkett still around?

  9. I wouldn't mind taking her up the council gritter!

  10. What about Grab-a-Grot night down Union Street Captain? One particular RM springs to mind who proudly observed that as she leant back in (real or imagined) ecstasy he could see the lines of ingrained grime as the layers unfolded before him.

    Aaaah - young love.

    3 Commando Brigade have much to answer for...

  11. My lips are sealed to protect the (not so) innocent mate ... :) :) :)

  12. Emma Thompson is a whiny, self-important, "my opinions matter", up-her-own-arse, champagne socialist, Labour luvvie, faux-Scotch cunt. The fucker named her daughter "Gaia", for fucks sake. Case closed.

  13. Tony, treacherous, war criminal, war monger, sixpence-half-a-crown arsed, bastard Blair ...

    For this outrage ...

    The creature is totally devoid of even a shred of either morality or integrity ..

  14. Look up a dictionary and there will be Kirsty Wharks name next to cunt...Donna

  15. Fucking pikey twat pope bono the turd and his tour of sympathy for singing "a moment of surrender" in hannover for train jumping goalkeeper
    robert enke!
    Cunt full stop
    And the cunt sung one for duisburg loveparade

  16. Known as submariners sediment left overs for for bootys and skimmers to ponder upon!;o)

  17. I nominate the so-called "Big Yin" aka Billy Connolly who is to be given the freedom of the city of Glasgow. I'd rather he was given a kick in the cunt by every citizen of Glasgow, one after the other, till he bleeds and dies, the unfunny patronising cunt that he is. And his fucking talentless hatchet-faced wife Pamela Stephenson is no better.

    Would you believe it, WV = breast. Aye, the man is indeed a tit of the highest order.

  18. Some more information on the wonderful Kirsty Wark and her production company and the work they do for the BBC: