Sunday, 15 August 2010

John "Jailhouselawyer" Hirst

John "Jailhouselawyer" Hirst is a should be fucking dead by hanging, 
unrepentant utter scumbag criminal murdering cunt.

Nominated by Houdini


  1. This particular cunt and I have crossed swords for the first time recently on Twatter!

    My original Tweet about Ian Huntley....

    "Huntley’s lawsuit insults his victims and the nation."

    Cunty's reply, (unsolicited and unwelcome)....

    "@BrkngSpider Bullshit! Ian Huntley is a victim of a crime, and if he can show negligence is entitled to compo."

    My reply to him which seems to have worked as he hasn't got back to me....

    "@Jailhouselawyer Bollocks! Pity the guy didn't cut his throat properly!"

  2. What a feckin' arsewipe ...

    (Hirst that is .. not you Spidey)

    As regards Huntley .. the sooner someone tops that waste of oxygen the better ...