Monday, 17 May 2010

Charlie Falconer

Lord "Charlie" Falconer is a greedy unelected pompous cunt

Nominated by partyhat


  1. David Miliband is a big cunt and Ed Miliband is a little cunt and together they are a Double Cunt.

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  3. Liam Byrne is a thick-as-shit, nasty, one-line-letter-writing, stupidly arrogant but thinks he's funny, Lefty cunt.

  4. Deleted for ammendment ^

    FX Man Botherly Cunt, a new frontie for Is A cunt.

    Please tell me that Charlie "that fat cunt Falconer hasn't been further Lorded in Browns losers honours list?

  5. Captain Haddock18 May 2010 at 19:13

    Fat fuck-face Charlie knows where all the dirt on B'liar is buried .. ergo, he has to be kept sweet .. of necessity ..

  6. Public school chablis swigging unelected chrony with a huge pension cunt.
    And while we are on it, Nicky Campbell, Radio 5 Live presenter, is a bumptious self satisfied smug patronising cunt