Monday, 17 May 2010

Billy Bragg [2]

Billy Bragg is an extremely irritating, 
Power 2010, PR-campaigning, communist cunt. 

Nominated by Barking Spider


  1. Agreed. His songs are crap as well!

  2. This cunt was the "warm up" at a
    London student gig in the eighties, cold down more like, the boring cunt.

  3. This Cunt really gets my goat up, well he would if I still owned a goat. I wouldn't listen to his shite music for a million quid, that's how much of a cunt he is

  4. If it is audacious to cunt anyone twice well tough fucking cunt. Goldfishmouthed leftwing (fin) shitstabbing wanker. Pretending to be a fucking lumberjack? get some just for cunt on ya head.

  5. What I want to know, is which cunt gave THIS cunt the impression that everything he says and does is of any relevance or importance to the general population of the UK?

    It must have been some left wing pig cunt, with a brain the size of a chihuahua's left testicle. Nobody outside Billy (cunt) Bragg's circle of friends likes him. And the only reason his friends like him, is because they're cunts too.

  6. i wouldnt bet against bragg been the cunt who defaced barking war memorial with anti-army posters last week,
    the mansion costal living cunts been sticking his very large nose into barking a lot latley.