Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Man From The Ministry

The Man From The Ministry, who thinks he
 knows best but doesn't because he's a cunt
Nominated by banned


  1. Todays Daily Telegraph seems to agree
    "Of the 40 test flights across Europe none found any evidence of ash in jet engines, windows or lubrication systems.

    In a joint letter to Lord Adonis, the 11 British airlines said the official response to the volcanic eruption presented “a clear case for government compensation”.

    “This may well open the way for wider litigation against government agencies who are found to have failed in their duty of care. The damages and legal costs could break the £1?billion mark.”

    Bunch of holiday ruining cunts

  2. At the risk of stating the obvious, Gordon Brown is a fucking desperate, brown nosing cunt who agrees with another cunt called NIck...