Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Hippies are a bunch of stinky, crap clothes-wearing,
useless, pot-smoking cunts who listen to crap music
and have hair that's only good for burning, Cunts.

Nominated by The Grim Reaper


  1. To be fair, it was the sight of these scruffy cunts smoking pot that put me off a life of drug dependent crack whoring degeneracy. Who the fuck would want to do anything those cunts did?
    Rather than tank tops, loons (FFS) and Afghan coats I opted for Dr. Martens, Ben Sherman a crombie and BOOZE. Mind you, that was only a passing phase, these hippy wimmin are still trying to play the part today, well past their sell by date. Daft fuckers.

  2. They shag like rattlesnakes though.

    Looks like we're going to have to do some more work to get the hooded scythe-carrier a well-deserved cunting.

    Blimey, I never thought I'd get this interested.

  3. While I'm at it, may I offer a good old cunting to this bloke,_Baron_Drayson who seems to think that while we're up to our neck in debt and shit, we should spend half a billion US dollars on sending a Chicken Tikka Massala to the moon?

    Still, gives jobs to the perpetual students who otherwise would have fuckall to do, thus securing more NuLab votes, eh?

    For details of cuntitude, be sure to gander the "Controversy" section, which I'm sure he'd rather wasn't in that Wiki.

    5 million pound house. Wish I was a cunt.

  4. "They shag like rattlesnakes though."

    Twas my experience, too, Marvo. Ah, those were the days, my friend!

  5. Following the Budget, I have one nomination.

    Alistair Darling is, without a doubt, a deluded and utterly vindictive badgery cunt.

  6. I nominate Malcolm Gluck who thinks that industry killing taxes are not high enough, the cunt.

  7. Sgt. 'Robocop' Delroy Smellie, hippy bashing cunt.

  8. Oh I also nominated Fidel Castro, the aged soon to be dead I hope an fawned over by Labour MP's murdering cunt.

  9. According to Dazed and Confused, over there at, Old Holborn is a cunt, but at least he's ourcunt.

    Need I say more?


  10. bob crowe-
    the overpaid ,communist fukwit is striking AGAIN over easter,denying people with real jobs a holiday with the kids.
    grade a prime 100% nailed on communist C.U.N.T

  11. Boatang & Demetriou are a pair of obsessive, whiny cunts. They're currently wanking each other into a state of fury about Old Holborn's various shenanigans.

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  13. Couldn't help but notice this brainfart whilst checking the comments a moment ago. I'm not even sure how this Yorkshire Pudding person got here, but here goes. He wrote this over here:

    "I am not prudish but I know that the 'C' word is offensive to a lot of people. I think to myself, why would anyone wish to put such an offensive word in a blog title? I suspect it is just for the daring mischief of it which is hardly the behaviour of a mature adult. Certainly not funny."

    The mischevious side of me senses there may be a nomination in there...

  14. i nominate yorkshire pudding,
    definately a cunt.

  15. I was going to Cunt him anyway (anyone with a Favourite Books list like his deserves their own dedicated circle in the Inferno) but thanks for making it official...

  16. Pope Hitler I, Joseph Ratzinger the head of the institutionally paedophillic Roman Catholic Church is a goose stepping apologist for child rapists. The cunt.

  17. Cunt of the week has got to be that cunt Hoon.

    Hoon gets caught, goes on Radio 4 and tells the nation he's a cunt for getting caught, cunt.

    The cunt.

    1)take an old sock from underneath the bed !
    2)go through the washing basket and find the wifes discharged droors at the bottom, fully festered (men socks,women knickers)?
    3)a lump of dope
    4)stick the knickers in your mouth
    5)tie the sock on around your face
    6)and wank like a monkey
    7)replace the sock and knickers where you found them?

  19. I fucked a hippy girl years ago, when I got her into doggy I noticed she hadn't wiped her bum properly - instant loss of erection!

  20. ..well that proves you're not a LibDem MP at least.