Thursday, 10 December 2009

Tiger Woods [2]

Tiger Woods is a deca bogey, sperm drained cunt.

Nominated by Snarky Basterd


  1. tiger woods:
    The first nigger to crash a car that actually belongs to him.

  2. His wife must have been taking Nokia-throwing classes from Snotty Brown and turned out to be a much better shot than him - Woods is now minus a tooth!

    One down, 31 more to go!! She'll have him looking just like Leon Spinks very soon.

  3. Media whore cunt, anything to get in the newspapares.

  4. Kevin Richardson is a druggy, thieving, wart on the arse of humanity, despicable cunt.

  5. Stanley Ann Durham12 December 2009 at 01:21

    Thought you have to do 12 holes to finish a round?

    Or did he get caught in the rough?

    Can't wait for the pictures and vids to come out.

    Love a bit of interracial.

  6. He deserves a cunting for that gay bum boy advert he did with that footballing cunt an the other tennis playing cunt, the cunt.

  7. @Shades Of Ansel

    That's fucking awesome ... but ... he's only half ng, with a dose of honky and nip (via Honolulu) to spare.

  8. Michelle Obama is a bling-thieving-boob-belt-wearing cunt. And she needs even more boob belt.

    (Meanwhile, Snarky Basterd is a link-whoring cunt of his own right.)

  9. Oh an russel crowe as an aussie former neighbours cunt.

  10. Tiger is such a sensitive soul, he has apparently taken out a blanket injunction on the British media to prevent any further reporting of his adulterous shagfest. He is unable to stop the US press in a similar fashion because they don't have the crap laws we do that enable turds such as Tiger to disappear off the radar.

    I hope his penis shrivels and drops off, the dirty cunt.

  11. I nominate Ocean Finance for a cunting.
    The cunts who work for them, the silly cunts who appear in their adverts and the fucking stupid cunts who get a loan off them.
    Look at this fat fucker happy not to "be bubbled by science or whatever" cos she's got a few grand to spend in the pie shop now she's signed over her house to the cunts.