Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Boy George [2]

Boy George druggie scum, criminal cock sucking,
media feted cunt.

Nominated by Houdini


  1. Bear Grylls is an annoying mountain climbing, bug eating cunt, the cunt.

  2. Fuck me, has he had an airline shoved up his arse?

  3. Elton John is a fat, Piano molesting poofter cunt.

    Santa Claus is a fat, chimney molesting bearded cunt.

  4. I nominate Mohammed Ibrahim.
    This piece of shit ran over a 12 year old girl then did a runner.
    She died.
    He was sentanced to 4 months but served 2 (there's much more cunting in that one).
    As he is a failed asylum seeker, he has invoked the human rights act and has now been allowed to stay in Britain.
    Just don't know what to say....

  5. Merry Christmas from this cunt to all the regular contributors!!

  6. Boy George is being hassled by his Probation which is fair enough since he's a cunt for wasting a lot of my earspace with his shit songs.
    But, the Probation like stopping bad people from re-entering society once they have done their time since it keeps their 'workers' in a job (which they all hate because of having to accept the lies from the lying cunts on their books).

    I've known a number of bad people who have been prevented from getting 9-5 jobs while On Probation because they have to attend the Probation Office every Thursday at 3.30pm.

    So who'se the cunt now?